Relatable Villains and Questionable Heroes

Black Panther. Had an incredibly opening box office weekend, but, even more than that, it continued to have good success afterwards. Why? Well, in addition to having an incredible cast and music of all African American artists, it had a good plot, and I think that's had a big role to play. What Black Panther … Continue reading Relatable Villains and Questionable Heroes

Modern Day Feminism

I did a guest post on Ally’s blog: Cute But Awkward, so go check that out as well as the rest of her blog too!

a little bit of allyson

Hey guys, this is a post by Debbie from Brewing Colour. She’s a feminist who contacted me to write a guest post on feminism *obv tho*. But enough talking, Ally! May I present *drumroll please* Debbie!

Like Ally, I’m a feminist, and although I don’t necessarily agree with all of her views, I do agree on how the term has been distorted in modern day society.

Feminism slowly has been equated, by some, to man-hating, women having power over men, et cetera, et cetera, in fact, I know some girls/women who would adamantly refuse that they believe or support any kind of feminist movement. Equality, of course they believe in, but feminism? Not so much.

It’s strange when you think about it, especially since the Oxford Dictionary’s definition is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ Essentially, if we go by…

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