I’m Debbie, a teenage girl living in the UK. I currently study at a secondary/high school but aspire to go to University in the future. I made this blog as a place to document and express my thoughts and as an area to share them with others.



Me at a Taylor Swift Concert

Things about me include:

  • I do commit to the British lifestyle as I love my tea (milk and no sugar, thank you).
  • I’m Christian.
  • I love travelling, especially to new cities as I love the culture.
  • Winter is my favourite season.
  • I want to learn languages but it’s definitely not my strong point.
  • I prefer Marvel to DC and I’m 100% stan Sebastian Stan (that’s the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes if you didn’t know) and I’m Team Cap all the way!
  • Sweet and Salty is probably my favourite popcorn flavour even though it confuses me, like how can something be simultaneously sweet and salty? I just don’t get it.
  • I suck at most competitive video games but I do love the Dragon Quest series, as well as Pokemon (because you know, childhood).
  • I listen to mostly indie pop music.

And about my blog name, the ‘brewing’ comes from tea, which you now know is my soulmate, and ‘colour’ (hopefully) reflects the multitude of thoughts and emotions we all feel day to day, and the some which I then procede to write about here.

I post every Wednesday afternoon.