Daredevil: A Question on Morality

Lately I've been watching Daredevil, a show by Marvel, it follows a young man called Matt Murdock and his aim to save his neightbourhood, Hell's Kitchen. I've just finished the first season, and it's really got me thinking about good and evil and how far can you go from one until it becomes the other.To … Continue reading Daredevil: A Question on Morality


Chat-Tea | June 18 : Home Straight From Here

GCSEs, an acronym with more work attached than I thought possible, but at least they're nearly over. Although at the same time they're a lot less stressful than I initially imagined, with everyone amping up expectations into some hellish experience, and despite them being pretty bad, they certainly haven't been that dreadful. So once they're … Continue reading Chat-Tea | June 18 : Home Straight From Here