On the Changing of Plans

I'll start off by saying I'm definitely a stickler when it comes to organisation and planning. It's something that I rarely take the time to sit down and do, but on the occasion that it does happen, then it takes the earth to take it from me. To me at least, there's something about having … Continue reading On the Changing of Plans


Favourite Study Tunes

Since mocks are coming up (for students in the UK at least) I thought I would share what I’ve been listening to. Struggling with boredom, I find, is always a struggle when revising, especially when there’s so many other activities and personal projects you’d love to be working on instead. I do agree with working … Continue reading Favourite Study Tunes

Slam Poetry

It’s the beginning of December now so of course Christmas is on the way, much to my excitement. However, what’s been occupying my mind recently is poetry. Slam poetry in particular. As it is studied at school, I think it is viewed in a very two dimensional form of analysing and going through robotic, almost … Continue reading Slam Poetry